About Tristate Midstream

Tristate Midstream has experience with compression, dehydration, gathering, processing and treating in both the natural gas and the crude oil markets.  Our entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility provide us the ability to address customer needs across a wide spectrum, whether large or small.  The Tristate management team has been together since inception, and our culture is grounded in a firm foundation of integrity, customer service, and operations excellence.



Tristate originated in October 2007 with its initial funding from Energy Spectrum Capital and the purchase of its first natural gas gathering and compression system.  Tristate Midstream began its business in northern Louisiana, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Tristate North Louisiana Midstream, LLC, focused on Red River and Bienville Parishes, LA.   Tristate constructed over 50 miles of 4”-16” high and low pressure gathering pipeline, over 600 GPM of amine treating capacity, and over 4,000 horsepower of compression in addition to the original acquisition of approximately 30 miles of pipe.  This resulted in a system that gathered and treated in excess of 150, 000 mcf per day of natural gas, for more than 10 producers, including Chesapeake, EnCana, Shell, Samson, Questar, and Forest Oil.  Tristate North Louisiana Midstream was sold in 2010 and continues to operate today under its new ownership.


Tristate’s second system, operated by Tristate’s subsidiary, Tristate Sabine, LLC, originated in 2009 with the acquisition of 10 miles of pipe in Sabine Parish, Louisiana.  At the time of the sale of Tristate Sabine in 2011, the system consisted of approximately 60 miles of pipe, 3 amine treating plants, and delivered over 60 MMcf per day into two primary markets.  During the operation of Tristate Sabine, we provided services to 15 producers, many that maintain a significant presence in the industry.


Today, Tristate is growing its third and fourth systems operated by Tristate ETX, LLC and Tristate NLA, LLC.  For more information on these systems, please see our operations page.